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Table 2 Distribution of forced sex among students attending university, 2019 (n = 800)

From: Forced sex and its predictors among students attending university: a cross-sectional study

  N (%)
Some young people are forced to have sexual intercourse …. Has this ever happened to you?  
 Yes 96 (16.9)
 No 473 (83.1)
How many different strangers, relatives or older persons have forced you to have sex against your will?  
 One 63 (96.1)
 More than one 31 (3.9)
Some young people/females are touched on the breast or some other part …Has this ever happened to you?  
 Yes 100 (36.2)
 No 176 (63.8)
Would you say this has happened often, sometimes, or rarely?  
 Often 56 (15.0)
 Sometimes 68 (18.2)
 Rarely 250 (66.8)