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Table 3 Factors, loadings, the Cronbach’s Alpha if item deleted, and Cronbach’s alpha coefficients of the extracted sexual harassment coping questionnaire among women working in Bahir Dar city hospitality workplaces between July 1 and August 30, 2021

From: Development and validation of contextual measures of sexual harassment perceptions, experiences, and coping for women employees in Ethiopian hospitality workplaces

Items Factor Cronbach’s Alpha if item deleted
Code Name Normalisation Engagement Help-seeking
SHCQ_HW25 How often did you keep silent to respond to sexual harassment? .893    .859
SHCQ_HW24 How often did you tolerate sexual harassment? .740    .857
SHCQ_HW23 How often did you confront the perpetrator? .696    .860
SHCQ_HW26 How often did you ignore sexual harassment? .674    .862
SHCQ_HW22 How often did you reject the request for sexual harassment? .590    .866
SHCQ_HW19 How often did you consult a psychologist because of the sexual harassment that you face?   .921   .861
SHCQ_HW20 How often did you negotiate with the perpetrator?   .773   .861
SHCQ_HW18 How often did you consult a health care provider because of sexual harassment?   .765   .863
SHCQ_HW21 How often did you discriminate against the perpetrators?   .495   .865
SHCQ_HW9 How often did you get sympathy and understanding from friends who have had the same problem?    .739 .861
SHCQ_HW11 How often did you seek reassurance from those who know you best?    .736 .867
SHCQ_HW10 How often did you talk to people about the situation because talking about it makes you feel better?    .686 .863
SHCQ_HW8 How often did you go to a friend for advice on how to change sexual harassment?    .659 .863
Cronbach’s alpha coefficient .846 .835 .811 .871