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Physical activity

Section edited by: Mylene Aubertin-Leheudre and Daniel Pinto

This section welcomes original and review manuscripts and commentaries which discuss the impact of physical activity on public health. The term physical activity refers to any bodily movement that is produced by skeletal muscles and uses energy. This can include structured physical activity (sports participation and formal exercise classes/sessions) and unstructured physical activity (e.g., walking and gardening).

  1. Content type: Research

    Physical activity is crucial for public health; worldwide, across all age groups, exercise has been recognised as a factor that leads to improved health. However, many people do not engage in regular physical ...

    Authors: Irene Vestøl Stødle, Jonas Debesay, Zada Pajalic, Inger Marie Lid and Astrid Bergland

    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2019 77:26

    Published on:

  2. Content type: Research

    No data exist in the published literature on burnout in physicians from Central Asia. The aim of this analysis was to assess burnout prevalence in doctors and nurses of a cardiological hospital in Almaty, Kaza...

    Authors: Denis Vinnikov, Anar Dushpanova, Almat Kodasbaev, Zhanna Romanova, Aizhan Almukhanova, Zhangir Tulekov, Esbol Toleu and Gainel Ussatayeva

    Citation: Archives of Public Health 2019 77:13

    Published on: